Denis Mercier
Chef décorateur (ADC) - Photographe


“Tirer le portrait , faire des images“

J’ai toujours été fasciné par ce pouvoir de figer le temps, de capturer la lumière, de montrer ce que l’on a vu .

J’aurais tant aimé aller boire un canon sur le bord d’un canal avec Prévert et Doisneau …...

The Air King is one of the few series that does not carry the 32-generation movement. With the release of a new generation of products, the 3230 movement is also loaded into the Air King this time. The characteristics of the 32-generation movement, including the power reserve increased to 70 hours, stronger shock resistance, the Chronergy escapement with anti-magnetic properties, etc., make the new generation of Airmaster compared to the previous generation Airmaster equipped with 3131 movement, The internal performance has also been greatly improved.

It is worth noting that this time the Air <b><a href="">replica watches uk</a></b> Overlord has cancelled the soft iron case in the bottom cover to prevent the movement from being disturbed by magnetic fields. This makes the new Airmaster 1.5mm thinner than the previous generation. Some watch friends said that the original anti-magnetic can be comparable to Milgauss Airmaster, without the anti-magnetic soft iron shell, there is no soul. This is actually a big misunderstanding. According to the current technological development of new materials, if there is a new Milgauss one day, there may not be such a thing.

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