Denis Mercier
Chef décorateur (ADC) - Photographe


les petits dessins n'évitent pas les grands discours


Compared with the previous generation of Air Ba, the shell shape of the new generation of Air Ba is somewhat visible in contrast. Such as the width and shape of the lugs. The new generation Airmaster has wider lugs, while the lugs are also slimmer and smoother. Not as pearly as the previous generation. This design language also extends to the strap and bezel. Such changes make the new generation of Airbus look lighter.

At the same time, as mentioned before, the new crown guard makes it "look" more sporty and <b><a href="">replica watches uk</a></b> instrumental. Of course it's just looks. That is to say, its existence has little practical significance, and it all depends on personal preference. Personally, I still prefer to have shoulder pads. There are two reasons. One is that the size ratio of this shoulder pad is just right, and the increase does not affect the overall harmony. Second, the addition of crown shoulder pads to the non-functional bezel style is a bold attempt and change for Rolex. This means that the Airmaster has overdone as a near-sport model. If things go on like this, one day the new Milgauss may also have this shoulder pad, and then we will not be surprised.

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